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Reflections are so fickle What truly makes yours true? Is it the image in the mirror
4 hours 27 min ago
thank you for glancing at me then looking away like you didn’t see me
4 hours 27 min ago
She was only five years oldShe was only five years old when she was toldthat she'd have to replace toys with fear
4 hours 29 min ago
Here I can see, I'm sitting in my dimly lit, complete darkness bedroom.
4 hours 35 min ago
All seems perfect, too good to be true, Until one day everything falls through. Nothing is ever the same,
5 hours 2 sec ago
Have I not lived? I go where my feet lead, Aimless in my wandering. Have I not lived?
5 hours 19 min ago
sometimes I dream a life that I should have hadit's not perfect but it's simpleit's easy to breathe, crawl, walk. . .
5 hours 26 min ago
A way to release the emotions I have pent within Issues with my family, life, and friends, A way to creatively think 
7 hours 13 sec ago
Into the black you called. Into the black I heard. Heart pounding. Mind reeling. Soul quavering.
7 hours 6 min ago
Like a blank page. No marks, no smears. Characterless.
7 hours 10 min ago