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Disney Dreamers Academy? I thought it was a joke.
49 min 59 sec ago
Black yet not black enough. My in-between skin felt the lick of the Midwest breeze
50 min 7 sec ago
58 min 3 sec ago
Lately I've been thinking... Why I see what I be seeing, Why I dream what I be dreaming,
1 hour 3 min ago
My body is decaying. Once beginning as a torn muscle, has now grown into my forever burden.
1 hour 4 min ago
Red shines on my face. Brightness repeadily shrinking my pupils again and again. Darkness soon falls. 
1 hour 5 min ago
He has come.  His mark is upon my home. A white blanket left last night.  Frost now boarders my windows.
1 hour 6 min ago
Muscular back, rough chin, bright eyes, charming smile, loving heart. Remember the day,
1 hour 7 min ago
Lost in a dark forest light is seemingly out of reach Twists, turns, and stumbles staying down is easy
1 hour 7 min ago
How odd  You may think it  For my April days  To be filled of  White blankets and 
1 hour 7 min ago