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he walks in looks me up and down  he tells me to get up my sister let him in so i feel setup
13 hours 57 min ago
Dear best friend You left my side You asked me to choose Between you and my boyfriend
14 hours 11 min ago
Bones, looking at my skin you could see them urging to pierce through.
14 hours 41 min ago
Hello Good afternoon My name is Jonathon Norman
15 hours 53 min ago
There's a line between boy and man. Not a line on the face or a furrow in the hand.
16 hours 17 min ago
She came around the corner  As I stood on my phone My eyes met hers and I was no longer alone
16 hours 36 min ago
Everyone's experienced pain. They've missed the train As it pulled out of the station
16 hours 44 min ago
To the girl who could memorize lines and perform them on stage in front of hundreds.  I beg of you to come back. 
17 hours 18 min ago
It was dark, Then I saw light for the first time. I cried, therefore I was alive.
17 hours 25 min ago
I was small and unaware, always thinking to myself "I dont really care" At just 15 years old, how could I be so bold?
18 hours 28 min ago