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Not long ago In a house small and cozy A friend came to visit, A man sweet and rosy. He made me an offer
1 hour 39 min ago
There are people that make it And those who don’t.  
1 hour 41 min ago
All I want to do is be quite,A place in nowhere where I want to hide.
1 hour 45 min ago
 Save Preview  Dear past, forgotten, former self: To believe that you are with me And I am in you is absorb
1 hour 50 min ago
I've come to recognize I am not a singular person, but rather two people at odds, yet hopelessly intertwined, but I'm doing my best to ch
1 hour 50 min ago
Time is nothing but an essences But moment make a lifetime
1 hour 54 min ago
Time is nothing but an essencesBut moment make a lifetime Lying there, nothing but darkness surrounds I have been ripped to pieces, and c
1 hour 58 min ago
In her eyes everything is big and tall  Trees sway like giants  She notices every ladybug 
1 hour 58 min ago
Every petal painted pink and prime,Green leaves arranged with perfect symmetry,A few bright shades with which to tell a life,And yet a ye
2 hours 1 min ago
Cheery and worry free I had parents to do everything for me.
2 hours 8 min ago