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the stars fell from the skys, and settled upon her cheeks.    moonlight flowed from her fingers, 
10 hours 47 min ago
you hug me and touch me showed this lonley soul a little love you beat me and cheat me and crash me against the wall 
13 hours 3 min ago
Trying to understand everything you feel is inherently hopeless
13 hours 34 min ago
Listening to the silence is deafening The silence that comes after a heart is done breaking
13 hours 37 min ago
I’m a walking Corpse, I’m as lifeless as I look, but I still go about my day like a crook.
13 hours 37 min ago
Why? Am I allowed to feel so strongly when I just want to run?
13 hours 37 min ago
Sometimes I wonder if you thought about how I felt the moment My innocence was taken from me!
13 hours 38 min ago
Girl, get up, Don’t let it win.  That thing that is making you doubt yourself, keep it in a shelf.
13 hours 39 min ago
The more I think about everything going on The more I realize that the upper hand is mine!!!!
13 hours 40 min ago
Love Infection of the mind Yet Like the flowers within our bodies A benevolent one  
13 hours 45 min ago