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Taken by boat   Renamed and degraded
15 hours 8 min ago
Question do black and white mix? Is there a gray area where they blend?
15 hours 40 min ago
PleaseThe air makes it hard to breatheBut I still breathe for youBut you don't see it
16 hours 46 min ago
write like crazy just let it all out all these odds and ends let go
17 hours 3 min ago
17 hours 14 min ago
                               Hometown   Spring was not silent,In early 1950s,
17 hours 30 min ago
17 hours 33 min ago
Gulmahersurgico is a supplier of  and tools which includes plastic surgery, Orthopaedic and Liposuction instruments.
17 hours 56 min ago
I lift the taboo  To speak about  The greatest loss of them all  The loss of a best friend 
18 hours 33 min ago
Its not new to the world, Its rather the most cold, Rage, urge and need, With all insane greed.
18 hours 55 min ago