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I say clap our hands. Don’t question why. Just do it. Did you do as said?
3 hours 45 min ago
A Child. Nothing more and nothing less, They always said simplicity is best.
3 hours 46 min ago
Snip, snip. Hair falls to the ground. Tsssss. Another of my curls flattened.
3 hours 48 min ago
Something is only the truth when the public knows about it  Have I truly survived or am I just a puppet being told how to live
3 hours 48 min ago
Haikus are so short. Yet they help me say so much. This power guides me.
3 hours 49 min ago
I’m so used to noise. So just let me be quiet. Till the noise returns.
3 hours 52 min ago
Go and disappear. I don’t need you and your lies. But, sadly, you are me.
3 hours 55 min ago
colors moving across the sand sometimes blue, sometimes red hands joined together as we walk across the bridge
3 hours 56 min ago
Hello disappointment. I’ve gotten used to you, old friend. You’ve been here a while.
3 hours 57 min ago
Same view everyday. Even beauty gets boring with time. So bland becomes beauty.
4 hours 48 sec ago