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When your 7 years old you don't think about tomorrow or next week, you think about now and the memories.
11 hours 54 min ago
Body Image Poem
I have been watching this body grow and transformSince I was a wiry little girl with crooked tiny teeth
12 hours 10 min ago
Peaking threw the trees Past the low rise grass in the distance I saw my life turn to absence
12 hours 15 min ago
You'll always be my baby, they say. Time goes by so fast, they say.
12 hours 25 min ago
i am the sea and you are the sky always in reach but we don't ever try
12 hours 26 min ago
When did this happen When did we become this old The quarter-life crisis How did this happen
12 hours 32 min ago
It blows around tall it gets chopped down it has seen all before any town 
12 hours 45 min ago
Is color important in our lives Some make it hard for all to survive Hate and malice has been passed down
12 hours 52 min ago
Crushing thoughts and downcast eyes, Stifled glances and shuffling feet.  The weight of the unknown potential crushes, 
12 hours 56 min ago
  Careless thought flows freely in the spring, Dictated by frolic and a candy-ridden grin.
12 hours 56 min ago