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Every End Is A Beginning.....
14 hours 18 min ago
   As I sit in the dark taking my last breath, I think about you.
14 hours 21 min ago
This is an ode to my anxiety disorder I often feel like I can't breathe
14 hours 24 min ago
Looking back now There are many events  I wish I could change. People I trusted, People I loved,
14 hours 30 min ago
During my glory moments You are not there. During my breaking points You are not there.  
14 hours 36 min ago
As I stand outside I can feel and hear And see and smell   There are birds and trees
14 hours 37 min ago
Enter my mind, enter my world   Get on with it     Or get over it Never reveal the truth
14 hours 41 min ago
I envy her blue roots Her soil and leaves And trunk and branches   For I am nothing
14 hours 47 min ago
I sit alone in my room by myself thanking and  wondering why i
14 hours 47 min ago
Fear is the snow stuck on southern back roads, and I am deathly afraid of the cold.
15 hours 56 sec ago