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An Empty page this is  An Empty page it shall remain  Although it has text and mild refrain 
20 hours 21 min ago
Poetry is the inspiration To be all I can be Despite the supposition
20 hours 24 min ago
If I could be any animal, I'd be an orca. Not the killer whales you see in the news, 
20 hours 31 min ago
You might strike me until I am broken With your cowardly, pitiful threats
21 hours 26 min ago
shades of pine stalk the innocence strapped from the vine released its vigilence
21 hours 30 min ago
Poetry has helped me express myself when words can't. It's a way of communication that I can understand.
21 hours 30 min ago
Clumsily walking down the stairs, Claws clacking on the wood,
21 hours 34 min ago
It’s safe to say that you are gone now. The girl who favored the blue sky and the bright shining sun,
22 hours 4 min ago
Freedom, expression, Who I am, who I will be, Poetry taught me.      
22 hours 25 min ago
White robed skeleton They had to lift you - three or four at most How did it feel to be so powerless?
22 hours 39 min ago