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Gaze into the Laver there you shall see the Saviour. Buried beneath the deep. Where sin goes down to sleep.
18 hours 21 min ago
Be willing to soar Spread your wings and fly You have one life to live Just reach for the sky
18 hours 48 min ago
There is something gratifying about writing down your thoughts. They seem to
18 hours 54 min ago
Type "A ROSE" And watch the letters fall from the screen and disappear into the sand.
19 hours 3 min ago
Poetry as taught me to be who I am. I don't worry about what people think of me now. I just say what's on my mind,
19 hours 10 min ago
My dreams seem as if they are impossible. I guess that's how I always feel.
19 hours 20 min ago
I feel empty I feel   e v e r y t h i n g   fear.sadness.anger.  
19 hours 39 min ago
September 28 ,1995 the day I was born to this world after I was born my mom was too sad because she had to given her beautiful son to her
20 hours 11 min ago
My fingertips go numb Yet, somehow I am able to clench a fist
20 hours 13 min ago
"To write is to create." a man once said. "To create is to feel." another agreed. "Writing" he added. "is to be freed."
20 hours 22 min ago