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 A kiss feels like childhood When you make a PB&J
3 days 23 hours ago
When you live your life with a mental illness You overthink and love with your whole heart
4 days 9 hours ago
“Just A Game” By SnøwySøul 
4 days 19 hours ago
He asked me out I said yes
4 days 19 hours ago
Everything has already been said about love.  Even this. I know, but it’s true. 
4 days 20 hours ago
Love is a complex and interesting thing It amazes us, no matter how we swing
4 days 21 hours ago
Stuffy nose, pale raindrops. Bloody crotch with cotton swab remains.
5 days 16 hours ago
I am poetry.  My back is the spine.  My arms turn into the cover. 
5 days 16 hours ago
Snow lightly coats the top of the river, Sides of houses covered in icicles, Christmas lights shine so bright
5 days 17 hours ago
It's midnight and I can't sleep Again I'd like to think you're still here
5 days 19 hours ago