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My love, my one and only, A cherub in the eyes of man
6 days 8 hours ago
Shiver down your spine, Voices on a cold breeze that blows over the hills. You said you'd stay for them, for me
6 days 9 hours ago
Here, There And Everywhere (Remastered 2009)
Love only much you can endure, Love, as long as you can long, Long, until she comes and bright smiles light up the day,
1 week 4 hours ago
Walking away He turned a new chapter Behind my back I hear a sobbing laughter Hold back your tears
1 week 1 day ago
Love awakens!  
1 week 1 day ago
Love   My true love is out out there somewhere,I'd love to rush to her today!  
1 week 1 day ago
you spend days in your head hopingbut in the end your stuck longingfor that thing you’re missing
1 week 1 day ago
Three brothers with  different mothers.   Three brothers that don't have the same father.  
1 week 1 day ago
My love has beautiful brown hair that falls into place prfectly everytime.
1 week 2 days ago
We all want love. (Don't we?) SAY NO. To the hate. Discrimate. For goodness sake.
1 week 2 days ago