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Under Construction… This house of longingThis burning templebound by time must be rebuilt.
19 hours 17 min ago
My sweet Romeo, mine own dearest love, I meant not to pusheth thee away. Mine own love for thee was too strong,
1 day 2 hours ago
Reflection of I When I look at you I see parts of me I fight to accept You remind me of that little girl in me
1 day 8 hours ago
Trapped in the thoughts of being the all, Not sure where I am big or small, 
1 day 8 hours ago
Not every puzzle  has a piece  Not every beat has a song  Notes  not all have a rhyme 
1 day 17 hours ago
How messed up is it that we live in a world  Where blue is for boys and pink is for girls
2 days 3 hours ago
Living in ignorance I live in ignorance,I tend not to think.If the truth hits me,It's hard to live. When the thoughts in my mind,Reminds
2 days 21 hours ago
do you know the word home? do you know what it means? do you know what it 
3 days 2 hours ago
Sweet tender Gaia, the goddess of the earth, 
3 days 5 hours ago
The advice from Mímir was surrounding, supportive, consuming and debilitating.
3 days 5 hours ago