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I am a garden. This garden knows unrequited love. This garden gives unconditional love, nonetheless.
16 hours 58 min ago
How could you make me feel like i was the center of your universe,
1 day 7 hours ago
Highschool. College preparation, scholarships, grades Weed, alcohol, making out
1 day 7 hours ago
  The sunrise and the lake tides merged together as I sat on the cold stone concrete
1 day 8 hours ago
You came into our home I could tell you felt alone   Your brother looked so scared
1 day 9 hours ago
Eyes beaming, full of light laughter flowing, quite a sight glimmering, shining you  
1 day 17 hours ago
Knock, Knock, Knock The door opens to reveal strawberry, chocolate, coffee butterflies, flowers, 
1 day 19 hours ago
Born in June, listen to a tune. I feel for you the whole way through.     Born in June,
1 day 20 hours ago
2 days 3 hours ago
why did you become so easy to love               but       so hard to hate
2 days 6 hours ago