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Hello Good afternoon My name is Jonathon Norman
23 hours 29 min ago
She came around the corner  As I stood on my phone My eyes met hers and I was no longer alone
1 day 12 min ago
It was him who found me. The giant with the calloused palms I was simply a form
1 day 4 hours ago
Oh little Anika. You have dealt with crap. You have been ripped of your innocence,
1 day 17 hours ago
Dear to whom it may concern I have never been in love I don’t know what being in a relationship feels like
1 day 19 hours ago
Blowing kisses from across the roomthat I can somehow still feel.As tangable as kisses on my neck,
1 day 19 hours ago
I want to find a love That is so true It is enough.
2 days 2 hours ago
In a choir of voices, a  Soloist Is a tricky business.   We breathe as one, 
2 days 3 hours ago
September 4,2017 my life was changed I met someone special that the feeling I had for everybody else was estranged
2 days 3 hours ago
As I look up into the night sky I think of your gorgeous smile
2 days 6 hours ago