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why did you become so easy to love               but       so hard to hate
12 hours 16 min ago
we lost ourselves in            our dreams as it breathes
12 hours 19 min ago
If I could take the time and find a way to rewind it I would.
12 hours 52 min ago
For G. H.    
1 day 11 hours ago
I’ve always wondered what I look like to other people. Maybe, as I walk the halls,
1 day 11 hours ago
The way her hair fell onhis chest, the pattern ofher smeared lipstick;  
1 day 13 hours ago
You are comfort You are hope You are a light behind a sea of air that I once thought was a wall of
1 day 15 hours ago
There's something different about todayMaybe I'm the only onewho'll notice itbut it's better than nothing  
2 days 39 min ago
a graying, yellow ribbontied around my neck;fraying daffodils in bloom.
2 days 9 hours ago
Within the daunting scopeof miles between heavy sighsand Dateline cuts, the philosophiesof our two archipelagoes
2 days 9 hours ago