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    I'm not ashamed to admit I am an overly romantic
4 days 20 hours ago
They say that Distance Makes the heart grow fonder
5 days 1 hour ago
The day is arrived with a gust A flurry A Zephyr Wind bent to the whimsy of the sun
5 days 3 hours ago
I know the storms you face On the open see's The perils of trust and skullduggery
5 days 3 hours ago
Her face is broken with tears, Her heart is shattered with grief.
5 days 3 hours ago
Her eyes are just like the deep blue ocean; His smile shines as bright as the sun above.
5 days 4 hours ago
Letters bleeding bodily into blank sheets Whispering wildly in her mind Flowing creatively through the ink
5 days 19 hours ago
Can I be afraid of change  if I am miserable where I am? Years swept past me and I let myself rot,
5 days 19 hours ago
error to the plight staying home at night out of sight a moonlurk bite
6 days 2 hours ago
Love is just an empty feelingFleeting with every ponderanceConsider it if you want to feel alone
6 days 4 hours ago