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  A Love so Blight
5 days 5 hours ago
The love of  a burning rose can only be kindled when loves at stake,Making it hard to take, what most don't know is that this is the firs
5 days 9 hours ago
I breathe you I wear you as perfume You fill my olfactory with calm I am flooded with warmth
5 days 13 hours ago
I sat like a pigeon with a brain, Curiously wondering about visuals that retain,
5 days 16 hours ago
Sometimes my words Go in one ear and out the other.           But that’s ok
6 days 6 hours ago
I remember sitting in my daddy's lap  But I'm too old now I would break his legs if I sat on him
6 days 10 hours ago
At the end of this fight, I will be victorious.  Saved by one and changed by many.
1 week 3 hours ago
You are a song, deep in my bones. The melody in my mind, the lyrics I hear in my heart
1 week 4 hours ago
Won't you?   What's the worst that could happen?  You fall for her?   
1 week 13 hours ago
Secrets...that's all these girls are.   To the boys who keep them on the down low.
1 week 14 hours ago