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He makes me feel like i am on top of the earth  The way he talks  The way he walks  The way he says my name 
1 week 6 days ago
my past defines me, i am, the girl he keeps from his friends, a secret, not good enough, unheard
2 weeks 12 hours ago
When we fell in love it came unexpectedly. Similar to car crash on a good night You were there to hear me say
2 weeks 16 hours ago
I am MONDAY, and I am here to tell you that   Dear, i m not that cruel.. 
2 weeks 18 hours ago
If I could ask for one more dayThat I could be yoursI’d bask in moments, the love, the security.
2 weeks 21 hours ago
I was happy But I was happy
2 weeks 22 hours ago
when i told you that you were so much more i didn’t expect you’d make me feel l
2 weeks 22 hours ago
you saw the stars in my eyesyou heard the ocean in my voiceyou smelled the bree
2 weeks 22 hours ago
Poetry has taught me to be free,To be completely me,Poetry told me, "Don't worry about this or that."
2 weeks 1 day ago
*vssst vssst vssst* My phone vibrated in the pockets of my blue distressed jeans.  
2 weeks 1 day ago