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The reminder of heartbreak comes, I am sad when life is good, its good to me
2 weeks 2 hours ago
   In the moment/
2 weeks 3 hours ago
He taught me how to feel…To feel his red hot grip on my throatSo that I would grow cold. He suffocated me in his embrace and now, I am co
2 weeks 4 hours ago
What makes you happy Is it the love you receive  From who? Do you care?
2 weeks 17 hours ago
  What Makes You Happy Is It The Love You Recieve  From Who? Do You Care?        
2 weeks 17 hours ago
The Endless Love She's sweet, ain't that unique? She's what makes me complete
2 weeks 20 hours ago
Cloudy days won't pass by fast enough. Because my heart is broken and I'm yearning for your love
2 weeks 20 hours ago
Today is
2 weeks 22 hours ago
We all go the distanceJust to do what we must,
2 weeks 1 day ago
Girl, when we lay together underneath the moonlight We take each other higher With every precious kiss
2 weeks 1 day ago