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We sat togetherfingers intertwinedlegs swinging overthe ledge,the edge of abyss(of bliss?)
1 week 6 days ago
A feeling so brand new, But as I saw it in my rear view mirror,
2 weeks 49 min ago
In the death of  your naive bravado, You held all your tears and grudges,
2 weeks 51 min ago
You love have brought along  new ways in which I view myself.
2 weeks 19 hours ago
It is bittersweet. I miss taking you to eat and I miss rubbing on your feet. I miss having someone to trust
2 weeks 19 hours ago
My heart flowed to your hand
2 weeks 20 hours ago
There once was a princess, locked in a castle The King was Death, The Knight was humble.
2 weeks 1 day ago
Two opposite forces meet as one Like Plus and Minus, Attraction has begun The Dog wakes up with no fun in the sun
2 weeks 1 day ago
The snow is falling in the barren, snowy land I see beautiful snowflakes. I touch with my hand
2 weeks 1 day ago
If I was a tree, I’d be a lonely one Waving at people as they go by It’s a hot afternoon, the rays of the sun
2 weeks 1 day ago