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I'm pacing in a public hallway And the people staring at me need to-
6 days 4 hours ago
An untamable spirit, fierce, full of love. As dangerous as a hurricane, more calming than a dove.
6 days 8 hours ago
A love story has no end; but as they say, it needed to be bend. Relationship don't last,
6 days 12 hours ago
Hey. I'm Benz. I changed my name when I was fifteen, cause my mans would always pick me up from school in a mecedes.
6 days 20 hours ago
First time making eye contact with you  First time talking to you  First time you making me laugh  
1 week 4 hours ago
  When I am with you, I feel safe from the things inside.  
1 week 7 hours ago
I prayed to Atë For life But she did not take that well
1 week 12 hours ago
As you gently drifted under the nightly sky The moon  The stars 
1 week 1 day ago
The moment my mind set a flight onto the thought of you, the bells placed up at my heart's ceiling began ringing and would never stop for
1 week 1 day ago
I was patently yearning to have myself treasured in your shielded custody.
1 week 1 day ago