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The air is black. Black. Choking black.
10 min 9 sec ago
The creatures scream and shout, From the winter boondocks of my mind, Oh, the things they scream about;
53 min 27 sec ago
Woe Is Me The truth I cannot hold nor dares to amend my sanity I pacify him with reverence and I cherish him zealously The sway of his fi
1 hour 39 min ago
I used to have problems writing as a kid because I didn't comprehend the function of punctuation.
2 hours 17 min ago
Roughly Windswept fickle hairs, Motley, many, green and fair An Intricate commodity  Blindly trampled haughtily
3 hours 49 min ago
Esophageal spasms sever breathes Squelched lungs from internal pressures
4 hours 32 min ago
The Situation Past, present, future All within me, omnipresent.
4 hours 38 min ago
    i thrash my way to the top,
4 hours 41 min ago
Fears Aquired within ones soul Rooted in something beyond ourselves Out of our control
6 hours 26 min ago
I danced without passion,For I could not show passion as I did not belong here,I could not bear the gazes piercing me,
7 hours 38 min ago