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My inspiration... My inspiration is living. My inspiration is trying.
3 hours 25 min ago
In an instant our emotions change What we used to love might not be the same 
4 hours 1 min ago
My mom came here twenty years ago She came from malaysia with little to show
7 hours 36 min ago
What inspires you? What inspires you…  
8 hours 43 min ago
I am inspired by my vision of who I can become and all the opportunities that await me
10 hours 32 min ago
Inspired 2 write after have read, want food to be feed but mislead. Registered for sKolarship contest, 
12 hours 13 min ago
Words inspire me  The very essesnce of people Push me through my life 
12 hours 30 min ago
Today I’m talking about the experience of growing It’s hard. Learning to evolve. Learning to be strong
12 hours 57 min ago
 As I lay down I wonder what will I become. As I lay down I wonder what will be my legacy. As  I lay down I drift into sleep.
14 hours 5 min ago
I always felt I lacked conviction, The courage to move beyond my ease, And plagued my eternal malediction,
14 hours 7 min ago