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texas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,river,flow,row row row your boat gentley down the river flow stream its the rock the roll the shake dont break i
1 month 6 days ago
1 month 6 days ago
texas.don.g.nutt,59.poem,my block my street my hood my block i hang on my block my nine milly cocked im reloaded ghetto soldia still reap
1 month 1 week ago
texas.don,g,nutt59.poem,rock the bell like j still rocking the bells they ringing they screaming they yelling they shouteing they
1 month 1 week ago
texas.don.g,nutt59.poem the,man i be me the man i am like 50 cent im the man of me the man of my life my spot my time the man who get dow
1 month 1 week ago
texas.don.g.nutt59.poem in my eyezs i see in my eyezs i glow i shine in my eyeszs they deffiated in my eyezs i cry in my eyezs they moist
1 month 1 week ago
texas.don.g.nutt59,poem,my world, my world my life my time this world right in the poem of my hands like the almighty god im so upper abo
1 month 1 week ago
America you are so beauitful when it comes to your hills and valleys, your sunets and sunrises, your oceans and snow covered mountaintops
4 months 3 days ago
Load it up, click, clack, bang.DangWhat a shame
5 months 2 weeks ago
First, engulf the melons that surround you. the shell is a delicacy that must be eaten Like you would with a turtle
7 months 2 weeks ago