An Ode to Trump

Thu, 12/07/2017 - 11:36 -- kenlyc

The sinister lies/of the people/Who have never experienced the truth/They see a pride of lions prowling on their prey,/I see them feeding their starving cubs./They see it as an invasion of their territory/I see shivering and freezing creatures looking/for a shelter./Now they must face the truth/that the home they thought/they were going to join/is not./Forced into a dark cold jungle/With guards watching them at every step/Waiting for their next move/just to attack/until crimson/seeps into the ground ./Me./I am the cub./The cub of those/Who sought after a greener field./I was born and raised here./Those lions did nothing but seek for more opportunities/And yet, they are set aside and looked down upon/When in reality/They deserve to be here./but what does it matter/what a cub like me thinks?/All that matters/is the roar/of a candidate/for our future king/of the jungle./His roar is/deafening/stating that/I don’t deserve to be a part/of this jungle,/That my home/is not this jungle./My culture lays here./I celebrate, eat, and learn/here in this jungle./That the lion and lioness/who protect me/are exiled/from the pride,/just because they were not/born in this jungle./I am the cub of these lions/and I belong here./Hear me roar/

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country



In this society, it is essential to advocate for those who can't. I truly believe that minorities are discriminated against whether it be Hispanics or African- Americans. I vow to stand by my people through all these struggles starting with my poetry.