I am a girl&


I am a girl transitioning into womanhood.

Still making mistakes ,

but learning from them.

I  cry during sad movies,

and during happy ones too.

I care too much,

for those who care to little.

I am the optimist ,

in the darkest of times.

My spirit is the light,

that often people seek.

My mission is to change the world,

one smile at time.

Ive had my share of up and downs,

never letting myself stay down for too long.

Life has given me so many lemons,

I learned to make lemonade.

Without even breaking a sweat,

I adjust to what life gives.

Ive learned  how to fly ,

without wings.

I am a dreamer,

who can be a realist at times.

But im still growing, changing everyday.

This is who i am for now,

but ask me again in 10 years,

and my answers will not be the same.



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