A shadow in the crowd,

          Tears rolling from eyes and cries so loud,

               Unknown and unheard all his life,

            Dying in pain with the memories of his wife.

   Looking in the mirror and saying to himself,

        Just eat to live and wander as a slave,

         Is there any way out of this cave,

           The day I opened my eyes,

            Befooled with a million lies,

           To seek job, marry and collect wealth,

         Never realised the greatest gift was health.

               Never dare to asked why I’m doing what I was doing,

                Just follow the crowd without knowing,

            Crushed his dreams to believe in reality,

          Fake smiles and fake happiness masked the pain,

             Lived a life far away from originality,

         In the end he thought what I have gained.

           In this world everyone claims to be superior,

                But in reality no one knows the Truth,

          Twisted words and twisted world,

                Just make you wander round and round,

           Super-reality, hyper-reality, reality and originality,

        You are the one with your own speciality,

            Leave the crap and live your life,

    Let your dreams and happiness so loud,

     You won’t be a shadow in the crowd...

                                                                                             By: SHIVALIK KALSOTRA









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