“CLOSE And AFAR; Who’s To Continue On?”

Sun, 08/13/2017 - 17:59 -- ATR22

“Being fearful of one’s own reflection is distasteful, indeed.

Subsequent the revelation of such a solemn fact, you’ll cover your eyes and count to ten.

Knowing what other’s will think, you’ll desire to break free with your own vice in mind.

Instead of striking, you’ll shield your sword from what others would deem to be called a ‘twisted fatality.’

You’ll try to, at least.  At least, that is what they’ll hope.

One against the world, the Common Majority will say, ‘You are not of one.’

You believe it’s you against their statements.  So in response, you’ll move in circles, alone and distraught.

And in circles, we will all follow behind.

CLOSE and AFAR, they are opposites in a delicate landmine.


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Our world