“Mental states ‘I am something you’ve always been aware of, but never have seen before’.”

Depression sulks in the basement, 
Shrouded in his darkened cloaks,
Whispering promises of a never present end.

Hope skips out onto the sun-lit balcony,
Sparkling in thousands of wished upon stars,
Smiling as he says, “Today is a new day”.

Constantly at different levels,
Taking over the spot that is one for the leader 
Sometimes for just a few seconds,
Sometimes for just a few years.

Both are not good with understanding each other
But are good at collaboration
Lacing one ignited candle in a maze of nightmarish daydreams,
Wilting the flowers of life slowly in a garden of courage and optimism.

Depression stalks from under bedroom pillows,
Wrapped in insecurities and disappointments, 
Suffocating anyone who makes contact to his despairing eyes.

Hope tiptoes into that same room,
Enveloped in gentle hugs and promising kisses,
Holding onto your hand as he waits for the storms to pass.

Constantly in an ever-evolving battle 
In what seems to be a never-ending war
Both are tired and weary from disputes,
But both are too stubborn to submit so easily.

So, there they then sit,
Observing and watching for the next chance presented 
While we, on the external dominion,
Press forward and continue to cope 
With what is only understood by mere mortals 
As mental illness. 



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