A 20 Year Old's Dream

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 23:26 -- bzs5211

Working to live, not living to work

Trading their life for money, instead of love

Secretly longing to give their life for a cause

Yet they’re too sick to even walk 2 blocks.


Time is relentless and unforgiving

Love ones urge us to pursue stability-

Curiosity killed the cat, after all-

Your family’s gotta eat.


I look at my mother, one who never pursued greed

Yet she is one who has given up the great American dream

All to provide me with the tools I need to succeed.


Picture this.


A world where everyone sees

Free from narrow vision and shortsighted needs

So above ground they reach for others to join

To participate in the fun for they no longer suffer.


Picture this.


A place that promises opportunity to grow

A place that truly cares for the "human being"

Back to basics where loyalty used to bleed

Because she and he knows they’re appreciated. 


I want it so bad it makes me ill

To revolutionize the way business is viewed

To make enough money and give it all away

That would truly fulfill my life today.


The business smarts I continue to acquire

Will help me achieve what I so desire

A business serving for a change

Conscious capitalism is my step that way.


My studies will be a reflection and dedication for change

To help people discover their truth of life

While providing them with the basic necessities to stay alive

That ultimately, would change my life forever.





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