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2016 was a bit of a revelation 

Started off with high hopes and expectations  

It ended with doubt and speculation 

Social media improving over the years 

Snapchat blowing up with the doggie ears 

I used to believe all that doubted me 

Now I'm proving them wrong excitedly. 

And who cares if I'm single 

If all else fails I turn to Christian Mingle 

Thought in high school I saw the girl of my dreams 

Ended up disappointed like NFL teams 

Enrolled in college saw a bit of fame 

Because of that I updated my Instagram name 

2016 politics even put Hillary Clinton to shame 

Donald Trump won by playing the mind game

When people fell off I was the one to blame. 

Drama couldn't even give me a break 

Couldn't figure out if friends was real or fake 

Kyrie Irving with the shake and bake 

Steph Curry 400 threes 

But LeBron James finals MVP 

Proved he was the prodigal son 

Brought the cavs back down from three to one

One summer I was a member of the chick fil a crew 

This is my 2016 in review 

Hope 2017 will bring something new 


This poem is about: 
My country