2nd childhood


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imagine a guy 35 who never had a childhood
he is wearing a Du-rag looking a clown you see in a circus
smoking weed in a staircase telling a story like philosopher (except he is high)
that's why time flies and everything in his eyes just goes on by
pants sagging like heavy black bags underneath the eyes
all he ever did was tell lies
drop out of high school
no wonder he is a fool
didn't have the right tool
his resume consists a crimes whose rap sheet is longer than the football field
even his own football coach would've thrown a flag for illegal use
by the time he was grown up, he was behind bars being abuse
that was his 2nd childhood

imagine a female who is 30 and grandmother that is 45
they don't look like mother and daughter
they look like air headed chicks from the shores in jersey
never finish school
she too is a fool
only education she know is how to manipulate the system call welfare
the place that is smother with broke baby mamas who infiltrate the office as if it was a warfare
she have 3 kids by 3 different guys
1 in jail, 1 is on the block, and the other on the run like lebron going for another ring
instead of trying to look hot, she needs to research jobs on a site call bing
she lost all that time as a kid and now she wants to go to a club
she forgot that she have 3 kids and now they are all dead in the Bronx at a place call the hub
that was her 2nd childhood

a man explodes his thoughts
at the age of 40 drunken
constant court appearances
puffing his chest like gorilla
scare if he will ever go home
he did, needs to use his dome
still trying to explore his career in rap
didn't go nowhere because all he did was take a nap
keeps falling in the same trap
trying to floss on different blocks
only problem, he was in the passenger side selling rocks
gave up when he was a child
as an adult still acting wild
that was his 2nd childhood

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a strong look at two (unfortunately) common scenarios. Terming these situations as a "2nd Childhood" is wholly appropriate, as the individuals depicted do not accept responsibility--they are still acting like irresponsible children, even though they are physically mature. Separating each scenario into its own stanza is a good move, but it might be worthwhile to consider whether or not you should add a third, more general stanza about 2nd childhoods in general to contextualize the phrase.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for the insight
i'll add a 3rd stanza to contextualize the in depth concept of this poem
tell me what you think sam

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i added a 3rd stanza to this poem
read the whole poem and give me your insight
check out my other poems


Facts that are still seen today, they never grew up but remained the same....that's all I got to say I love this poem, it just reminds me what I saw growing up and that was it up above..

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

just imagine me reciting this poem when i was grabbing the mic and moving the crowd
ty 4 your love and support

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