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Those who look outside of the window sees the perfection of a house. Built on the sturdiest foundation of all even though it was built in 1942 on a rainy day, still sturdy.

From the outside, you would see a house where the bricks are perfectly sticking together as though the bonds between them would never break… See, you would see a perfect building with the perfect people living within these walls. You would see the god willing family that has been built on this foundation, where the the bonding of the bricks will never break.

You would see  the man, the protector, the keeper of the house who holds the world on his shoulders, where every breath somehow releases the stress where the sweat falls down from his forehead to his temples and unto his eyes that somehow gives him the satisfaction of a job well done. See, you would see a man that follows God’s word, he teaches his struggles to those in the pews and to the family who sees the struggles  as though they were seeing through his very own eyes. See, what you do not know is that within this sturdy foundation, is a man fighting to survive by giving his own child the life that she never had so that she somehow could  go further than the stars in life  and might get a glimpse of what Heaven really is like, without actually being there. See, within these four walls was a man who wanted to perm his hair to get the curls of Michael Jackson and ended up with a bald spot, who had once had a gun to his head for beeping a horn, a man who once inhaled smoke, who later in life made the decision to put that cigarette down in order to protect the fresh air surrounding his daughter so that she would able to breathe in comfort and safety and to give her a chance to become somebody special, see this child with a chance also seen those looks into the window and saw a life that was as strong as her on house, but really she had the imperfect perks as well.

A child whom the doctors said was a miracle baby that was not supposed to be born, was formed into her mother’s belly just from a little touch by God. The child  that somehow went to having a low cum to getting on honor roll. See, they see a child who has a purpose in life, that shooted for the stars and just had a slight touch of heaven but was never actually there. A child who got into 19 colleges despite her struggles freshman year, see they see this child who isis as sturdy as the bricks that surround her each and every day. See, maybe people need to look in these mirrors a little bit more clearly. See, it's a girl who smiles in the hall each day but is still stuck on the death of her mentor where the only memories she has is one old picture and the dried up tears that remains on her face as she tries to wipe away any thought that was not a positive vibe. It's a child that feels as though her whole house has fallen down where she is still picking up the pieces from the last relationship that she was in, trying to figure out was it just something that wasn’t meant to be or was it her who made him leave. See, this child was strong but somehow there were still bricks that needed to be built in order for this house to be complete.

    what always goes on top of the house is the roof, thethings that puts the house all together and keeps this foundation together, my mother.

The one who tries to seize all adversary in the house. The one who makes sure that everyone keeps this house clean where she makes sure we pick up the conflicts, struggles, and stress that may lay on the floor that we walk on every single day that we try to avoid so that we never have to pick it up again. She stresses us not to walk around the mess but try to pick it up so that it will be there no longer. See, my mom is the one who comforted me during the hard times even though

She wasn’t comforted either. See she kept our house together. Where the family could never break apart.

See, without these two people being the foundation and the roof, there would be no me . I would never know what it feels like to be the foundation for others in need or the roof that covers somebody’s conflicts . See, without these bricks being somehow shakey in my household there would be a house that was later built to stand strong where the bricks were built again to be stronger . Or there would be no extension to the house that would make the house even larger. See, there is no redemption without a fall.


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My family
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