Tue, 09/24/2013 - 19:31 -- saecap

Running through my head
All because of something that you said
I don't
I don't
Understand how you could
You could
Leave me all alone
You just
You just
Walked out and left
Signed the papers and didn't say goodbye
I was
I was
Your daughter!
You just left me with strangers
you could've stayed
you could've been there for me
Covers my soul
three more months before I turn 18
You think I would
I would
Let you back in
I'm not stupid I know your plan
destroy my perfect world
Well that won't happen
I love my parents
At least they kept me when given the choice
you just handed me over like trash
mamas don't do that
Mamas stick around
they are shoulders to cry on
hands to hold
When your heart gets torn
They comb your hair and choose your clothes
MY MAMA was all that and more
yeah she didn't give birth to me
Yeah we're not blood
But you know what she was every thing I needed
She prayed for me
loved me
hugged me
and most of all she was there for me


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