The Addict


The Addict..


Call it a “jones”, an “itch”

A desire for a quick fix to ease the pricks

Call it a hobby, a leisure, a feature pastime

A way to wind down, relax and float

Easy navigation through the plush clouds of my mental notes can I

Tell you why I write? Can I compel you

To hear me, even if it’s just the story of my life?

Can I share my plight? Or is this generation only enthralled by a fight?

Well I’m enthralled by my “Mr. Right”, my lyrical gun

The tool of creation, styling my thoughts into the words of the sun

Aiding my yearning...providing my fix.


I write so I can feed my addiction

this Poison Pen feeds my need and desire

to seek, see and understand

every circumstance that happens that transpires

even if only by chance

I give in to my need to infect the world

with my insatiable passion...this urge to addiction...

and my fix


I write so my soul can soar

higher than the highest high

blue wave, purple haze...fantasy…red birds…

chronic...can't elevate my words

the depth of my soul feeds my affliction...

no longer a victim with broken defenses

rather vindicated by my lines

not white and not always in rhyme

but always and forever mine...and always

right on time...this fix to my itch


Jitters and critters creepy crawly

Crawling the walls of my deep insight

clawing the hallowed halls of

my minds eye...wondering, pondering

my direction...I am I must lead...

I write so as to feed my shakes and shake

up a world that yearns to be

also my fix...


I write to release the me that

is needed

the me

that is depleted

of kind things

that have no meaning

finding words that only

those that have suffered...can truly understand

that I'm holding their hand...

Daughter of a mighty man...A King who invites my spirit

to I do...and I’m lit like a candlestick…it’s my fix...


Timeeshah (c) 2013


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