The difficult me!

And I can make you mad

But I’m also fun

I can make you laugh.

AI’m tough and arrogant

I can make you loose your mind

But I’m also loyal

I will not let you down.

I’m nerve wrecking

And i can make you cry

But also loving

I can care for you every day.

I’m chaos and unruly

d I can drive you crazy

But I’m also passionate

Love you till death.

I’m an ambivert, 

And I can be introverted leaving you lonely

But other times I’ll be an extroverted

I’ll give you a perfect company

I’m a rebel

And can drive you insane

But I’m also fierce

Will fight for you till the end

Yeah, I’ve got two facets,

One agreeable, one disagreeable

But if you can handle me, 

You’ll at least never bored.

©2017, DMN Muchui


This poem is about: 
Our world


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