Air this Christmas

I see the gift all wrapped up

Beautiful and shining in the light of the tree

As we sing about thy, thou, and thee.


A beautiful bow

Tied in a small, neat knot.

Pretty wrapping paper ,

Not something to taper


As we sing hymns, and carols,

And bake our christmas dinner

I think of how i'm getting thinner.


Mom say it's easy to notice

But i'm playing hookie as

As i'm staying away from my cookie.


After dinner I run to the bathroom

Using two fingers to make room

the empty hole in  my stomach still remaining,

i'm lying on the floor still draining.


As I stand up I feel real dizzy,

But nobody notices because they're all busy

But as everything goes blurry,

And I start so loose sight

I remember the gift earlier that night.


The beautiful wrapping paper so bright

Or the gift knot, tied so tight.

How amazing the  light, on the box that christmas.


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Our world
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