All Eternity

We fall and stand true

To the light in one another

From the ashes we shall inspire

Others to fly as the smoke grows higher

The fire builds and we all conspire

To the end of a war spiritually fought

Begining to unravel the unforseen

Rocks that carry the weight of those who dropped


What is the battle that we face?

What we face is a battle of Race

A mighty war between light and dark


Life's daily struggle to survive

From the hate we face

To the love we crave

As all the world sits and prays

For the sake of all who declare their fate


We are a community of one race

Not categorized by color

Or split by the level of one's intelligence

As we were founded upon in the first place

Letting go of all the struggles

That occur on a daily basis

To relieve some of life's daily stress

Becoming more socially erect


Our mind's are made up

We know what we need

Change for our future

A change for peace

No matter the circumstances

We shall succeed

Through the hardest of times

Coming together to be

The POWER for all

The FREEDOM for all

And All Eternity


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My country



This poem was inspired by all of the recent racial injustices that have been going on throught our Country and the DAPL stuff as well. Anyway if you like it please comment and give feedback, Thanks

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