All I See is Beauty








I see beauty in everywhere I turn.

I see flowers simple pretty flowers growing from the greenest parts of the grass

I see the flowers growing on the concret floor cracks.

I look at them and wonder wow...

look how beautiful and flawless they are!

 no matter where they come from they all seem to amaze me

I see the beautiful tall trees


the lovely not so tall trees

yes, they are small but still they are beautiful

I see the water from the sea coming torwards my toes


what are they doing?

they're giving me kisses...

kisses from the beautiful sea inviting me to dance in the water

I leave the water


to my surprise I find lovely shells and gorgous rocks in different shapes and sizes... 

now ill go home


finally look at myself in the mirror and say




I have always wanted to be like nature...



that's how i see myself now...

with that in your mind now your turn my dear,

what do you see? 

                                                                                 I.A.V //11:05pm//11-11


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