All I Want To Be


When I was younger 

All I wanted to be

Was a princess

A dancer

Maybe explore the sea


Then reality sunk in

And woe is me

Because dreams are detoriating

No more endless possibilities


Everyone wants a to be perfect

They want to be skinny and tall

They want to be pretty and smart

They want to have it all


People look in the mirror

And all they see is flaws

Maybe stringy hair or a big nose

Then beauty becomes law


And dreams

Wonderful dreams

Are being ruined

Ripped out from the seams


No more princesses

And fairies

No more pirates and rock stars

I once knew a kid that wanted to be a berry


Adults always say be what you want

But then when you say what you want to be

They tell you to get real

Do something for reality


Adults, they always say act your age

But what about murders, war and crimes

Adults always get the center stage

Adults you aren't perfect, and your now out of time


Reality, perfection, possibilities

So many things in a world we call great

Yep a whole lot of violence and images

In a great big world full of great big hate


So much hate if you look different

So much hate if you talk strange

So much hate for what you don't know

So much in a wide range


I was and am a happy child

But I know I've made mistakes

People don't know them, no not at all

So I have many face, many names, many races, many flaws


So now that I'm older

And wiser and taller

There's only one thing that I can be

And its not a princess, a dancer,a actress or even a singer

My life long dream

So with all of my flaws 

The only thing I want to be


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