Almost Shipwrecked 

Sailing on a silent sea write to thee  
I hold your photo near as I write my  
Heart down in this note ; 
A cool breeze at my back with the tears 
Of you of long ago I still hold . 
Waves breaking on the bow  
Blue sky turning black with no love to hold, 
You hold my heart from the very start  
I know you are far away but hope I'm not to late 
I am writing you this note to let you know  
My love is your's for you to never let it go ! 
Our voyage took a drastic turn  
A tempest in the west  
A great loud cry of "squall"  
Came booming from the nest.  
I hold on with all my might wishing you was with me 
Holding me tight . 
The sails is so strong with the wind I don't know what  
Shape I will be in when you get this note . 
This love we have was almost like shipwreck that were tossed about  
Like a leaf upon the wind.  
Bound we were each to mast  
And Helpless there we're pinned.  
There was no promises but lots of pain and hurts, 
This love we have was at its ends washed in the Sea 
Death stared us in the eye with no hope to survive   
Two sailors were swept overboard.  
Lightening filled the sky.  
As I was at the of my ropes with no hope . 
Just as it came it went away.  
We saw seagulls on the wing  
Flying around the coast ahead.  
Twas such a tranquil thing.  
My heart was at the end when I cried out your name 
In so much pain I dare not take a breath  
Until we stepped ashore.  
So I write you this not in a nasty storm , 
Never shall we sail that sea  
Never go there anymore. 
I need you , I love you even more then the day 
OF our ship wracked past . 
I'm glad our love made its way back . 

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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