Every attempt tried. She failed.
Everything she did all led to the same result. Alone.....again.
She is an introvert, she is shy, she is emotionally unstable.
She is scared to be alone. She is mentally unable
To remain in this state where she slowly fades to the pain
And where everything she surrounds sourly takes her in vain.
No love. No body to tell her the truth,
That, she is loved by the stars and the moon.
'The world has seen her mistakes plenty in the night.
As she sits, alone, in this heated fight.
Of criticism and judgment that envelopes her and sends her away.
To her fate of loneliness.
Just like the beginning.
She consoles herself with wishful thinking
That there might possibly be a solution to all the world's ugliness.
So she sits in the heat to burn her pain away.
This is when it hits her....the fact that no one is ever there to stay.
So she leaves her body bare in the light.
As she awaits for her savior. Her knight'
In hopes that she feels their hurt. She was an outlet for their pain.
She was always a troubled soul but no one could see beyond their gain.
Fountains of tears have welled up her life
Leaving her to drown with a toy for a knife
No one will take the blame for the trauma they inflicted on her
But they are willing to lie claiming to have been there for her
But they weren't. And she was alone.
No-one cared....but now she is gone.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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