Am I Complacent?

One day my dad called me Complacent.

I wasn't sure what he meant.

My Mom was so Mad.

She seemed so stressed.

Our living condition is not that bad.

I'm just grateful for what we possess.

Another day, I understood what he meant. 

When he said I was complacent.

It was laundry day.

I washing, drying, and putting clothes away.

I am ashamed to say;

I didn't notice the holes in our shirts until that day.

My dad was right when he said what he meant.

When he told me I was complacent.

The only reason that our pantry filled to the brim.

Is that one person on a whim,

Gave food to my mom and him.

Before then the chances of that occuring was grim.

 I know what I mean, I said what I meant.

Complacent and lazy are adjacent.

Don't  stare at the computer all day night.

You must wish for a higher quality of life. 

Then for that wish be willing to fight.

I know that about this I am right:

Don't be complacent.




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