America: a caged dream

There was once a dream

That sought to grow in the minds

of evey human being as a lilly flourishes in the spring

but we are neglecting that lilly 

and to me it seems awfully silly 

to neglect the very thing that we flaunt and praise

when there are some who cant even get equal pay.

This nation is like a lion in a cage

we seem mighty and feroucious 

but folks i am sad to say 

It is time to take a step back and look into the cage

The animal is weak skinny and frail 

its bones withering and its soul is ready to set sail.

We murder our own kind like they are free game quail

we must water the lilly 

we must feed the lion

we must raise the banner

and dream the impossible dream of being truley free

from sea to shinning sea.


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Our world
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