America the Great?!

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 16:19 -- onayeri

Land of the free built off of my people the enslaved

Home of the brave though we don’t help those who need to be saved

It’s a melting pot but oil and water don’t mix

They separate and challenge and cause conflict

Though together they make the food taste great

Not everyone chooses to cooperate

Make love not war they say

Someone doesn’t like us, we fight and pay

Rather spend money on a fight

Than help feed a hungry kids appetite

Rather focus on war

Than help people from becoming poor

Rather tell women what to do

Than allow immigrants in to be rescued

Rather have pollution and biohazard gasses

Than green leaves and clean breathing air for the masses

So much potential to surpass all of this

Change is inevitable and yet they still choose to resist

Let's do the worst and see if it hurts

Let's let people die to see if anyone cries

Quick to point out one’s downfall

Amnesia for the line “justice for all”

Much is at stake

Must do more before it’s too late

Because people would rather hate

Than uphold the title “America the Great”

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My country
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This is my first time posting a poem :)

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