American Spirit


People say that life sucks and then you die

But I've always wondered why?

People who say this don't know the joy and the laughter

They never experienced happy ever after

They walk through life with blinders on

And have a set idea of right and wrong

They never stop to ponder

Life, and all its' wonder

Our troops are off fighting a war

Just trying to even out the score

We want them to come back here

But we know we would live in fear

If we brought them all back

Our National Security would severely lack

Our Country would become a battleground

And there would be no safe and sound

Remember when the Towers fell?

And all those people died?

Many people thought it was Hell

And many more cried

But when the smoke and rubble was clear

A new day was on the horizon

We saw a greater need for strength, not fear

And our Freedom Tower was rising.



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