Mon, 02/10/2014 - 18:42 -- dr22

just keep swimming

just keep swimming 




marlin and dory

two idealized fish from the sea

from one of the most popular animated films

this world has ever seen


i dreamed after seeing that movie

of being a fish in the sea

seeing the vast opportunities

that i could achieve


But, then i realized 

that that was merely a dream

but i realized

that that was wanted what i wanted to be

i did not know how i would achieve it

i did not know how i could reach it


 But, i did know 

that that was what i wanted to be


So i embarked on a journey

traveling from one shade to another

drawing this and that

exploring my mind as it poured ideas

onto a rough sand-like paper


there were critics

oh how i love them

for they saw nothing but

lines and shapes

but i saw something

i saw texture

i saw shading

i saw art


it was then that i realized

that that was my destiny

and the only way for me to achieve it

was to go beyond me

go beyond where i am

go beyond where im from

go somewhere where they will teach me

somewhere where they will help me

somewhere where they will guide me

guide me to my prize

to my pot of gold

guide me to my future

guide me to my passion

guide me to my art

and all that is offers

guide me to my home

to where i belong

and i hope that one day

i will be home


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