The Anvil

The Judge's Anvil.

All carry it

ALL use it.


What is judged?


Why do we judge our own race?

We are the only species that does this.

Maybe being different is not so great.


Some say judgments should be left to God

Yet their anvil strikes those who disagree.

Sometimes, they cannot see their own anvil.


Behind the facade of the gentle soul

Lies the anvil, waiting for the jury.

Behind the face of the accused

Lies the anvil, hovering over the judge,

With malice its intent.


What do we see

On the faces of the judge and the accused?

Happy faces that skipped jury duty.


If this is what our eyes see

How do we see deeper?

The same way we strike with the anvil.

Our minds see more than our eyes.

They see more in ourselves than our eyes reveal.


The reader asks,

Why is the word anvil used the wrong way?

Everyone knows the judge's hammer is a gavel.

This writer is dumb.

I am better than them.


Thus the reader's gavel strikes.


The reader failed to see past my facade

To what I meant to say.

Now I cast  back the curtain

To reveal myself to the reader.

I meant to trap you.


Now, reader, you feel guilt.

You vow to prevent your gavel from ever striking again.

But, inside, you already understand.

Resistence is futile

All use it.


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