don’t speak

why are you so rude

why can’t you be as quiet as them


just say it

It’s not that hard

He’s paid to listen to your order

Do it

Do it

you messed it up

why can’t you be bold like everyone else


stop picking at that

why do you have to move all the time

calm down

why can’t you stop your habits


Look how thin she is

And so healthy

you need to run

you need to exercise

you need to learn more than anyone else

you need to be the best

why can’t you be as amazing as them



Stop hurting me, brain

Please allow me to love myself

I don’t want to compare myself to others

I don’t want to hate myself

I don’t want to be scared all the time


I am fine

I am not evil

I am not stupid

Or ugly


I don’t want this judgement






you are failing

you are evil

you are stupid

and ugly


i am your master

i am your mind

i can injure you

and you can’t stop me


i am Anxiety

and you are nothing

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Side note- The capitalization was on purpose(not just bad writing). I used lowercase letters to represent the anxious part of myself, a base, obsene part that calls me out on anything that I do.

The upper case lines represent the part of myself fighting the force of fear that comes from anxiety. Trying to live through the bombardment of damaging thoughts, and often failing.

I hope you like it!


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