Fri, 07/08/2016 - 21:20 -- gliardo

Words tantalize me


Words mutilate me


Knick knack patty wack

My bad


What is a word that causes jubliance?

I don’t know but

What are some words that entail fruitfulness?

 I’m not sure but

Show me how

To tie tighter the trick of my tongue

 So I can mop your feet off-

Mop you off your feet




Ok ok ok maybe we all can’t be like you

With your words that tumble out your mouth like the plus sized gymnast I always wanted to be


And grateful

It makes me hateful that I cannot chew up and spit out words like you do

How you do

How you do that

Your words tantalize and mutilate me

I cut my thumb trying to open up an oyster

Your poem is an oyster


Green M&M’s


So I lick my thumb clean

Once quick

And realize

We cannot all be conjugators of confectionary  crafts

There are producers and there are consumers

So I’ll let you do your thing

Just because I cannot do what you do

Does not mean I cannot sit back

Green M&M’s in cheek

And let it melt

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