It’s too hot here

For your skin too pure and white

That’s why you only go out at night


You walk the downtown streets

To go see your favorite band

You have sugar bones lain your hair

And two shots of tequila in your hand


Before we go we stop at Blanco’s

You said the food is fine

Great, actually

A taco and a side of rice

Is only 1.99


You tell me about them and

Their greasy wired hair

You tell me how you wish their poor

Hands and feet and other things

just weren't there


We shop at La Encantada

You grab my hand and say it’s your new favorite place, mi amor

Then you are sure to tell me

how the Latin girl with lip liner and wide eyes

Is nothing more


We dance around the cacti

Green like the rough snakes,

Large and tough

Did you know, you say

We can just knife-carve

And eat these things right up?


We cruise down East El Parque Ave

The sun hot on our backs

Scaly soon enough

You look at me

Isn't this just the perfect place to relax?


You tell me about the watering holes

In the dry parking lots for the poor

How they take up space

That was yours you’re sure


You tell me

How they touch and hurt and steal and lie

You tell me

How she thought she was going to die

He approached her late on El Grande street

This man

the one with shoes but no feet




This fantastic poem is so descriptive! Thanks!


Thank you! 


I found the THUG poetry slam through Chegg

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