With every push

and every pull,

all her mind tells her is “Shh”

as she, with numbness, grows full

She holds in the heartbreaking screams

and masks the pain with smiles

She reminisces over the dreams

and cringes at the nightmares’ miles

of suffering and darkness


Eventually, her inner demons

are let loose in a feverish madness -

with words and fear their only weapons

Soon enough, the imagination

morphs into reality

and her attention

only zeroes in on brutality


Nothing is safe and nothing is kind

all of the warmth is a disguise

It’s a sick, appealing trick of the mind

True horrors are hidden beneath beautiful lies

Only she sees it all;

everyone else is blind

They treat her cruelly and let her fall

deeper into the depths where it’s hard to find

a shred of light

a glimmer of hope

And she tries with all her might

to find the heavenly rope

that will free her from the depths

to pull her up and ascend

into Heaven - or someplace else -

after the horrible, bitter end



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